Federico Jimenez Rivas, originating from Venezuela is the president of the company JUBIDANA (SASU – a company with single ownership and ordinary shares), registered in Paris, France in year 2018, which represents in Europe a selection of old varieties of fine cacao beans from Venezuela. The high and indisputable quality of these beans is recognized by the most demanding palates of the world.

The geographical location and diverse relief of Venezuela help the unique climate conditions, which turn the cacao beans of these regions the best fine cacao beans in the world…

In our selection of producers we strive to keep and maintain our values: compliance with labour condition regulations, protection of skills of the producers and their families and children as well as maintenance and continuation of the old traditions, left as legacy. We monitor the entire process in order to provide cacao beans with high quality through agro-environmental practices, protecting the environment.

We wish to keep a steady, smooth and secure supply of that treasure, considered the best kept secret of the Caribbean.

Our wish is to present this jewel to all actors in the field of food production in order to make them able, through their skills and experience, to bring it to new levels and to transfer, through their masterpieces, this magical flavour, which will elevate all sensations… forever.

The fine cacao beans from Venezuela should find their real place at the international market and to position the country as: producer of the finest cacao beans in the world.