Exceptional Cacao Beans from Venezuela

Each cacao bean has its own taste identity with beginning, core and aftertaste, which depends on so may indicators. We will guide you, depending on your preferences!

The cacao beans of the manufacturers are monitored as per 5 quality criteria as any other food product:

  • Sanitary quality:  The production team performs analytical monitoring of key indicators of the plants during the entire production process, through the performance of periodic control of the entire chain up to the storage of the dried cacao beans i bags and their shipment to Amsterdam. 

Additional laboratory tests are also performed in order to monitor the compliance to the regulations and to classify the batches as per the SCALE through series of physical control and “cut test”. The purpose is to monitor the quality of the batches, based on the external flaws of the beans, calibration through sifting, as well as for internal flaws of the beans through their cutting. The technical team monitors the drying process in order to achieve proper moisture level and pH in order to reduce all other contaminations, especially the development of mold. A particular attention is paid to prevent the development of insects during storage period. Also tests for heavy metals are performed, like tests for lead and cadmium, with the purpose to verify that the content of such metals is a way under the allowable European norms.

  • From technological quality to quality during usage: The production team strives to make a proper assessment of the cacao trees potential, depending on their age, altitude and soil conditions: from the moment of harvesting the beans to their calibration, by a triage, where the contaminated cacao fruits are removed, before and during harvesting, by taking away the black beans; and all of the above is done in order to minimize the defects during cutting to a maximum extend. The most important for the technical engineering team is to monitor the development of the aroma of the fresh beans, by performing the fermentation in the best way possible, by monitoring all characteristics and parameters all the way to its drying in order to control the moisture level. The fermentation process is adapted to each batch of cacao beans, depending on their variety, because it is specific, depending if the variety is pure criollo or trinitario, or on the base of percentage content of criollo, pure trinitarion and forastero in each hybrid and in such a way we can offer to you a wide range of flavours.

  • Nutritional properties: The selection can be made, depending on the advantages of each cacao variety, on the needs of the chocolate manufacturers, in order to make dark cru chocolate or roasted chocolate, depending on the nutritional purposes, offered by the food products, containing cacao. Of course, all depends on numerous factors, like biodiversity of the plants, which feeds the cacao streets, quality of soil, talent of the manufacturers and the technical team, who monitor the natural production process.

  • Organoleptic properties: The aroma potential of the cacao beans batch. This is the most important property for every chocolate manufacturer and chocolate manufacturing facility, who are going to select the variety and the batch based on the fact if the cacao is going to be used for the production of chocolate or of chocolate based products: covering, coating or filling. This fine cacao with unique genetic properties, with cacao fruits in different colours, has various smells and aromas, from pure fresh grounded cacao, with more intensive aroma, from simple to complex, most frequently refined. With flavours from sour to very sour, with delicate bitterness and astringent hint, but also with gentle texture, even oily…, to most ordinary and tannic… Aromas with hint of fresh fruits, with sensation of forest fruits, of tropical fruits and of citruses. With aroma of dried fruits, with hits of almond, hazelnut or walnut, as well as with plants note of flowers and forest plants… of overbaked coffee with sweet base and smoke… of humus, each batch has its particular individuality. Richness of sensations, which, first of all, depend on the skills of the producers and, of course, the variety and the soil but also on the surrounding plants, which are in the base of the flavour of that range of fine cacao grains.

  • Quality of use: The technical team of the producers inspects each batch by monitoring the entire process from fermentation of cacao beans up to their drying with good identification and clear and precise tracking. The team also takes care of the good packaging as well, in bags up to 60 kg, in order the storage of the dried cacao beans to be maintained in the best conditions as per the norms to the moment of the delivery to you, which will be performed in the shortest time possible in Amsterdam.

  • Our team of experts: Helps and performs tracking from A to Z of the entire production chain by examining the special results of the cacao batches, analyses the feedback, acquired from chocolate manufactures and transfers the information to cacao producers. The purpose is to maintain a good level of quality by ensuring yield with good quality by monitoring the ripeness of the fruits of each tree and in each plot and in all cacao trees fields. This monitoring with each cacao manufacturer is performed based on identification and traceability of each plantation in order to enable the quality control of the bags with fresh beans to the bags with fermented and dried beans.

  • The relations with the manufacturers aim to the establishment of strong connection to our customers: Through the cacao to all players in the world of chocolate in order to preserve the famous Cacao Heritage of the country with the human values, we cherish and protect. To be able to offer the exclusive cacao of Venezuela, which is rare and with unique flavours to the people who want to manufacture tasty, ethical and sustainable chocolate with regular supply of high quality product. In order to provide full access to all cacao ranges for the production of all types of chocolate and chocolate based products, serving all sectors related to palate sensations (chocolatiers, confectioner, candy, ice-cream manufacturers, catering companies and restaurateurs), processing companies and manufacturers of foodstuffs, based on chocolate.

  • Our range covers all levels of desired flavours: Depending of the application, requested by our customers, we can offer cacao with strong individuality to more gentle cacao with well defined aroma, fine and strong with sufficiently big beans in order to provide profitability in Bean to Bar. Each one of the batches is a response to a requirements by the professionals in the filed of chocolate manufacturing or of the chocolatier Bean to Bar.

  • If you any further information, we are here to help you and answer all your questions and inquiries: We can provide immediate advice and to give you long-term support, depending on your precise and regular needs, all year long, in order to be able to discover each of the varieties, presented below.

Unique flavours for the gourmet specialists and connoisseurs!

Variety: Porcelana.
Type: Criollo.
Origin: Sur del Lago de Maracaibo, Venezuela.


I am considered as the best variety of all Criollo types in the world, because I am old with pure unique origin, one of the most famous ones, due to my refined flavours. The fact that makes makes me easily recognizable is the fact, that my pods are white as porcelain, which is the base for my name – Procelana. When cut, my fresh beans show a range of cotyledons with “pure white colour with light pink nuances”, guarantee for fine flavours. When harvested, my beans are tested in order to evaluate my Sensation & Flavour Profile, which meets all requirements of the nature of my rich and diverse bio-diversity.

There is a great demand for me in the world of cacao, because I am produced in small quantities, which makes me difficult to get and very expensive, like the caviar from the Andes… This is the reason why I am one of the most demanded types of cacao by all chocolate producers in the Bean to Bar industry all over the world, because they know that, when consumed, I provide development of rich and sublime sensational expression. For the lovers of raw beans, the professional are really demanding me… more over, that for the last couple of years, the fields with my trees were abandoned and all chocolatiers in Europe wanted to find me again. Thanks to my friends, farmers from Venezuela, I was rehabilitated and the plating of my trees was started for couple of years now in order to help my reincarnation for the joy of the chocolate manufacturers and to be able to appear once again on the markets, where the cacao experts are extremely happy to promote my properties of a rare cacao variety Criollo!.

Sensation & Flavour Profile of PORCELANA

I am very sweet and gentle cacao with profile of exceptionally refined flavour, which provide excellent flavours balance, with carbohydrates, providing a sweet line due to the low level of astringency, which proves even more sweetness to the chocolates in combination of my internal oils. My flavours are exalted thanks to the fine acidity and slight hint of bitterness, which leaves a feeling of freshness. The quality of my natural fats allows the development of a sensation for creamy, the so called, buttery texture, which makes the chocolate melt in the mouth. My cacao oil also provides its contribution to the flavour, because allows better fixation of all all aromas… and to develop even better in a oily environment. I contain so much cacao oil so the chocolate manufacturer does not have to add additional butter to the recipe. This is a real advantage, both technological and nutritional, because the calories in the final chocolate product are reduced with almost 50%, without the requirement of other cream, milk and without the addition of more cacao oil.

My flavours are manifested in the mouth in stages, through sensation, intensity and delicacy. My refined flavours and aromas are developing and balancing to a perfection. I develop a wonderful and refined range of aromas, which comes with following hints of red fruits, raspberries, sour hints to some caramel sensation, from aroma of dried fruits to a walnut, which also can be a little spicy. I offer delicate and prolonged fascinating sensation in the mouth and aftertaste, which calls reminiscence (memories) All my rich and diverse sensational advantages provide nobility to the chocolate, produced by me, Porcelana. So this is how I became very famous all over the world, because I can offer really sensational and unforgettable experience, full of aromas, with a bouquet of refined flavours, which is the reason people all over the world love me.

Variety: Guasare.
Type: Criollo.
Origin: Sur del Lago de Maracaibo, Venezuela.


I am the the oldest of the varieties of pure cacao Criollo, because I was born in a small plantation near Guasarre river, which is the origin of my name. I developed myself in the area of Guijira and Sierra de Perijá par Rio Guasare, which are located in the state of Zuila. I belong to the oldest varieties of exotic cacao, originating from the area of the Andes, near the South Lake, and as Porcelana, I am 100% of the Criollo variety, and I am the oldest the finest of the fine cacao varieties!.

The fact that distinguished me from the other cacao varieties around the world is that my beans, which lay in the pod have white porcelain color to slightly pink one. This is the reason why, even after the fermentation and drying process, my colour becomes maroon and I am classified among the species of light cacao. My beans are large and quite rounded and they taste great, even raw… the musk, this natural cotton, which I am surrounded with, provides nourishment, protection and the people who take care of me are really enjoying it, because it has great taste. Even at that stage, the value for Sensation & Flavour of my beans can be sensed, because my beans have acquired all advantages of nature, provided by the surrounding bio-diversity.

Sensation & Flavour Profile of GUASARE

My profile is unique in the world and my flavours are very expressive, starting from the attack in the mouth, which following fine secondary nuances to the final explosion.

Mon panel de saveurs est d’abord de stimulerThe range of my flavours targets, first of all, to stimulate the aroma notes through discrete acidity, which in the core of the tasting, turns to sour, with fine, refreshing bitterness at the end. All of the above results in balance of flavours, rich and divers, with no astringency, which is feature of the old and pure Criollo varieties.

I possess power of flavours, which leave a trace in the trained palate with intensity, which surprises with its complex of aromas, with each note of aroma, exploding in the mouth… First, I offer seducing cacao notes with discrete acidity and pure aroma of raw cacao beans and coffee. This is the reason why my essence is contract, it is both strengthened with aromas and pure sensation of creamy texture. At the second plain, I can develop warm, pleasant notes of malt and other, more complex fruit aromas, depending on the plants as well as aromas of dried fruits, walnuts and hazelnuts, with fine nuances of ripe dried fruits, of figs… of slightly blushed fruits. Then the floral notes appear, with sweet core of balm and tobacco in order to finish with the sensation of saturated note of roast and coffee. These aroma ranges depend on the control of the fermentation and quality of beans roasting process of the master chocolatiers of Bean to Bar, which must preserve my advantages.

In order to provide a beautiful ending, I own beautiful powerful and long-lasting aftertaste, which urges the “raw beans” lovers to try me again with great pleasure, because I have strong and exceptional identity, gentle and complex, full of fineness, worthy for the great variety of Criollo, which I am part of!.